Guggleton workshops 2020

Today 10th September was the first workshop at Guggleton Farm in Stalbridge.

There were four members for this first meeting. Plenty of work done a numer of trees including Scots Pines Chinese Elms Larch and Junipers and also two Silver Birch. We have another meeting on 19th September and two more in October.

These are just some of the trees and other pictures of the day.

The second workshop on 19th September was another good day. Members brought a good variey of trees including Scots Pines, Chinese Elms, Junipers etc. A nice Chojobai Quince was repotted as well. We will continue to hold workshops as long as we can. The next is on 1st October.

The workshop on 1st October was attended by five members. We had good weather after some showers.

Trees worked on included Dawn Redwoods, Scots Pines Black Pines as well a as Buxus and more.

17th October was the fourth workshop at Guggleton.

The weather again was kind to us. Dry and not too cold.

Trees worked on included several mame, Field Maple, Cryptomeria, Mulberry, Silver Birch. We managed to sort a sick Cryptomeria as well. There were more but I don't have all of them.

It was an enjoyable day again, and we have two in November lined up, on 5th and 20th November.