• Auction and Car boot sale at Ammanford 4th September

    I left home at 6am., on Sunday to drive to Stalbridge and Tonys house. We left just before 6.30 it was dry and the sun was just about rising. We decided that we would go towards Bristol, which turned out to be quite a slow route. We crossed into Wales haveing paid £6.60 and proceeded to the end of the M4 where we drop off the end, turn right and another miles is Ammanford. Arriving at 9.30 we headed for the coffee. Then we had a look around the boot sale offerings. There were some nice trees including a Satsuki which I was tempted by but managed to resist. The auction started at 10.45 with Chris Thomas the auctioneer. He quickly went through lots, I was able to buy a small Cotoneaster group, then a trio of Larch. Tony bought a couple of tree. Then it was lunchtime. We had a good nose around his incredible nursery, then went back to consider again a slab. I decided in the end that it was not going to be big enough for what iI had in mind. Back to the auction and Tony bought some pots and I picked up a big Hawthorn.

    Then it was all over, and having loaded the car we headed back. This time we decided to come on the M4 and M5. It was a lot quicker back at Tony's I transferd to my car and continued home.

    It was an excellent day and well worth the long journey. I hope we can do it again next time.