• Visit to st Mawgan nursery Nov 25th 2014

    I left home at 7.30 am., to drive to Stalbridge. Arriving at Tony's at 7.50 ish we left there in rain. We picked the other Tony at 9am., and turned west. We stopped for coffee at about 11am., and then carried on into Cornwall. We reaqched the St Mawgan Bonsai Nursery at about 12.15pm. It had stopped raining but was dull.

    We looked around the trees and selected some. I picked out a Larch twin tree group, see picture. I also picked up 4 Scots Pines, nice small trees with good trunks.

    I also found a nice Katsura maple and an English Elm big trunk with some branching very nice.

    We then went into the shop and looked at the pots. I could have spent a lot of money in there. Many hand made pots. Tony J picked up a super slab for his Larch group, and Tony M selected several pots. I only picked one.

    Having paid for all this we went to the small cafe for some lunch and then came back and went around the pots again. I was sorely tempted but managed to resist, although I did buy a small saw.

    Having loaded the car, it was as well there was only three of us, we left at 4pm. Halfway through Cornwall it started to rain and got heavier as we went east.

    I got home at about 8.30pm.

    I was a worthwhile day, and although I did not find all I was looking for I think we di ok.