news 2019

Pottery workshop with Dan Butler 15th and 16th March

Eleven members were at the Friday session. We started at 10am., with Dan telling us about the various methods of making pots and the different clays that can be used.


Then the members having decided what they wanted to make were each given clay and instructed in what to do next.

Most had an idea of what they wanted to make, and with help from Dan set to work making thier creations.

Once theeyfirst one was made, though, they were able to start another whilst waiting for the first to dry a bit.


Work continued into the afternoon, and by the end of the day a lot of pots were at the semi finished tage. More work is needed before firing and glazing. Glazes were selected and the pots some covered were put to one side.


The next day saw the second eleven arrive.

Same as before and work continued with lots of wierd and wonderful creations.

A pot was also made for the tree for the raffle in December, this will go with the tree.


It took some time to pack the van at the end of the day as there were a lot of pots to go in but Dan managed to get it all in.

It was a very intresting and successful two days paid for with the proceeds of the auction last year.


We are from the feeedback so far going to be doing it again next year,


A few pictures here more on Facebook.

This is the tree raffle prize for 2019 An Olive. The pot was made at the workshop with Dan Butler and is part of the prize.

We have had a good year with displays at Thorngrove open day as well as the Mere garden festival and Heathrow Show. Pictures are on Facebook.

The collecting trip was excellent. The day was dry and sunny to start. 10 members were treated to digging dome superb trees. They wil have work for some times to come.

It is thanks to Ellie the warden and Katie her sister for arranging the day.

The trees were won by Geoff the Olive and Ade the Sasuki

Geoff won the advanced tree of the month and Barry the novice.

It was a good meeting with 21 members and guests for the AGM and social after.