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Display at Thorngrove Open Day 6th May 2017

The day was windy and cold to start but it was dry.
When we arrived we discovered that we would not be in a marquee, but under cover where the compost store is.
We had plenty of tables and space.
Having put the cloth on the tables and the stands we placed the trees on the appropriate stands.
Then we had to move them about to get a good display.
The accent plants set off the display.
We also used the staging that has pots on for extra trees.
The new banner is good too.
Trees were provided by Ian, Dave,Tony, Helen, Sue, Julia and Geoff.
Julia and Geoff worked on several trees during the day.
Later in the day Don and Karen as well as Pat dropped in so it was a good turnout of members.
We had a visit too from Jamie who brought a tree to be looked at. We gave out many flyers for the show coming up, and we could have several new members.
This was the best display yet at the Open Day.