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Display at Thorngrove Open Day 6th May 2017

The day was windy and cold to start but it was dry.

When we arrived we discovered that we would not be in a marquee, but under cover where the compost store is.

We had plenty of tables and space.

Having put the cloth on the tables and the stands we placed the trees on the appropriate stands.

Then we had to move them about to get a good display.

The accent plants set off the display.

We also used the staging that has pots on for extra trees.

The new banner is good too.

Trees were provided by Ian, Dave,Tony, Helen, Sue, Julia and Geoff.

Julia and Geoff worked on several trees during the day.

Later in the day Don and Karen as well as Pat dropped in so it was a good turnout of members.

We had a visit too from Jamie who brought a tree to be looked at. We gave out many flyers for the show coming up, and we could have several new members.

This was the best display yet at the Open Day.


The August meeting was good. I asked Tony Oswin to bend my tall Scots Pine. It was originally about 1.5 metres tall.

Everyone was fascinated to see the effort and expertise in bending the trunk on this old tree. Starting with a length if thick wire along the trunk, this was wrapped with tape in two thicknesses. The two lengths of 6mm wire was wrapped aroung the trunk, and the bending began. Lots of effort by Tony with Trevor helping.

Bought from Tony Jefferies donations two years ago,

It now will fit into my car!


The Stalbridge show bonsai class had 6 entries from bvbg members.

First Geoff, second Dave third Pat Commended Helen, also Tony and Irene had a trees in.

Critique by John Trott of Mendip Bonsai Studio. 8th September.

There were plenty of trees for John to look at and talk about, many brought back from last year.

It was the usual mix of advice and banter with the members. Several very nice trees including a Prunus mume belonging to Anthony were discussed. The last tree was a Horsechestnut and John commented that it is one of the most difficult species to style.

Here are some of the pictures.

Clinker planting by Trevor Banbury.

Trevor broght a huge quantity of clinker for members to use for their planting. Plenty of plants were brought too.

Trevor showed how to start then everyone caome and took lumps of clinker.

It was good fun, and the members were busy making holes and adding plants to their clinker.

Then, part way through the evening Founder members Pat and Geoff made a presentation for the tenth birthday of the group. They had bought a small gift for all the members. After a short speech Geoff handed the presents out and unveiled the cake.

It was a good night all round.

Heathrow Bonsai Show 22nd October 2017

This was the first time that we had been invited to display at the show.

We sortd and cleand up the trees at a very windy Thorngrove the day before and planned how the trees would be placed,

We lft at 6am., and had a good run up to the venue.

It is a big hall, and there were 38 club displays and a lot of traders.

We found our space and having brought everything had the display finished in about an hour.

Having found the refreshments we had the photo of everyone at about 9.50 and the doors were opened.

It was very busy for most of the day. John Hanby did two demonstrations during the day.

It was a very successful day. We packed up and I was back at about 6.20pm.

November was the last workshop of the year and the tray challenge.

There were seven entries in the challenge with a good standard and some very interesting entries.

Sue Wareham was the winner.


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Winner of the tree raffle Mike Bryan with his tree and the group at the tables. Next is the winner of the tree decoration Barry Hills entry. Well done to all.

There were 26 members and guests at the social, the most ever.