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Pictures from January workshop Thanks to Tony Moore.

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This years' challenge will be open ended, and will run for at least a year. The trees will be drawn for each member at the February meeting. Members may do the work on their tree at any time or place. There will be a regular update of the trees at the monthly meeting, aproximately every quarter.

The trees supplied by Bonsai Trees Southampton, are various varieties of Juniper.

Display at Thorngrove Garden Centre Open day 7th May


We had a good day with plenty of visitors.

Workshop with Collette Harrison June 10th 2016

We had an excellent workshop with Collette. There were 19 in total present. Everyone had trees for scrutiny by Collette and pruning and wiring.

Satsuki were the most brought, but there were other species also.

The members went away with ideas to put into action with their trees This was the second visit by Collette and will hopefully not be the last.

The last two pictures are the Satsuki I took before and after!

Critique by John Trott October 14th 2016


Tonight's meeting was one of those which is a highlight of any year.

Each tree was talked about at length with ideas of how to progress. As always it is down to the owner to work on the tree. A small thing like change of potting angle can make a huge difference to the look of the tree. This was shown to be with several trees.


Air layering a crab apple will also be a much better option we were told.

As always good things have to end and we finished after 10pm. We probably could have gone on even longer.


I am sure that everyone there has taken something away with them, and hopefully they will remember what John said about their tree as I will not remember all.

It was a superb meeting and we will welcome John back again.


Beautiful autumn colour of one of Ian Duff's Maples.



This year we had a guest Jenny Jefferies to present the awards.

There were 22 members and guests enjoying the food. There were 9 entries in the Decorated tree competition twice as many as last year. The winner chosen by Jenny was Julian Beesley.

The winner of the tree raffle was Geoff Hobson.

After the food and presentations we were treated to a video about bonsai in Japan.

Thanks to everyone who brought food and helped to clear away. The tree raffle raised £85 which was superb.