Photos 17

Swindon Show 25th February 2017

We left at to collect two other members of our group and proceeded to drive the 60 miles to the show. It was damp with a little drizzle at first but dried up as we went north.


We arrived at the show and were lucky to find a parking spot right away.

On entering the venue we were greated by a packed hall.


We walked around the hall speaking to lots of people that I know.

The we listened to the awards presentation and the raffle, not luck and then decided that we would start the journey home.


It was as always an excellent show getting better each year.

Chris Thomas demonstration Group Planting.

This meeting saw 21 members and guests enthralled with Chris and his unique way of making trees.

Starting with a single tree he proceeded to style first an informal upright then on the a windswept and semi cascade. Then after a break he made a group of 7 trees on a piece of slate whch is our tree for the raffle in December.

This will undoubtedly go down as one of the best we have had at the group. It will not be the last visit by Chris that is for sure.


Visit to Lodders Bonsai March 13th to 16th 2017

This year the annual trip was a joint trip with members from Warminster Bonsai Club Salisbury Bonsai Society and the Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group.

With Grahame chairman of Salisbury broke his leg Shirley stepped in to take his place.

The appointed time to meet in Salisbury was 9pm.

Tony and I left Motcome at 8pm., and we proceeded to Salisbury. It was a dry evening and not cold.

We arrived at Shirley's and waited whilst the van was loaded. We were in Tony's car.

At just after nine we left to go to Bulford first to collect Paul, then drove to the A303 and to the M3. This was where the first problem occured with junctions 5 to 2 closed and a diversion in place. This meant that we could not stop at Fleet services and we carried on to Clacket Lane on the M25.

We cotimued after the stop and arrived at Dover ferry an hour early so we were put on the 2.20 am boat instead of the 3.20. We docked in Calais at 6 am with the clock an hour forward and started the drive to Harmelen. Through France into Belgium as the sun was coming up we stopped for breakfast. Then we continued and stopped once more. The real nightmare was Antwerp the traffic was very heavy. After a few wrong turns including a trip arround a hospital, we arrived at Lodders at about 11am. We proceeded to search for the trees we wanted and make selections and put them into a trolley.

I chose a nice Satsuki and a smaller one, and I spotted a nice Quince which I quickly snapped up. I found some very nice pots to. There was also some nice pieces of rocks that I picked up.

All too soon it was time to go to the hotel and book in, have a rest then after meeting in the hotel bar we went to the Chinese restaurant next door.  We had an excellent meal then went back to the bar, but I went to bed at about 10.30 and was out for the count.

Next day we went back to Lodders and had a second look around as sometimes more trees are put out.

In the afternoon we split up and we went to a nearby garden centre which was fine. Back at Lodders I had a re think and put the large Satsuki I had found back and picked up a Japanese White Beech. We discussed it for a while, and I eventually was given a price and decided to have it. Then we packed all our buys ready for loading in the morning.

Back at the hotel, we met again at 6.30 but Tony and I decided to eat in the hotel rather than Chinese again. It was very good. We had a good evening in the bar and with an early start next morning we after a walk around the village went back to the nursery to pack the cars.

We left the nursery at about 10.45 and in brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures we drove away. We had a stop somewhere, not sure where, and then again after it became obvious that we would not make the 4pm ferry. The next one being at 5.15 coupled with this we also took the scenic route to Calais. On arrival at the ferry port we were told that the 5.15 would not arrive until 6pm., and by the time the ferry was unloaded it was after 7pm before we left. We arrived in Dover after another smooth crossing and made our way out of Dover. We had a stop at Clacket Lane and then drove on. We arrived at my place at 10.45 and after we unpacked my trees Tony went on.

We had a great trip have bought some good trees etc., and are already plannig next years' trip.

Wessex Show 7th May 2017

Exmouth Show 11th June

The sale at Staverton on 30th July was excellent. The day was dry for most of the time, only later did we have showers. The turnout of sellers was good and there were a lot of buyers too.

The food provided was good too, and well received.

I found the tree I wanted early, and had it put to one side.

Then I having set up my table I had a good look around.

I sold two trees and two pot as well, so this went towards paying for my new tree.

After a shower in the afternoon, we decided to pack up as the day was winding down. We got the trees in the car just as the rain started again.

It was a good and we are looking forward to the next one,


Dragon Bonsai Society Annual Car Boot Sale and Auction

2nd and 3rd September.

This year I decided that I would go to the workshop on Saturday and stay over.

I took a large Scots Pine with the intention of working on it.

I left at 6.30am on Saturday morning in brilliant sunshine. Malcolm and Anthony caught up wit me, and then I followed them down all the way to Ammanford.

I arrived at about 8.40 after 137 miles.

After coffee, my pine was looked at and I did some needle removal. Then Dan Butler was starting to make the pots so I stopped and went to create a masterpiece, well I think it is anyway.

This took me the rest of the day so the tree will have to be styled at another workshop.

Because I was making the pot and my hands were dirty I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked but I did get some.

The day was warm and sunny, although it did cool down in thvening.

It started raining at 2am., I heard it.

Heavy rain meant that the auction was movd inside, but this was not a problem

I bought a Yew from one of the car sellers.

I had four trees in the auction, and although there were a lot of good trees nothing really stood out for me.

I did bid on a Blackthorn but stopped. Then another came up and mine was the only bid.

My trees sold for good prices so I was pleased with that.

I collected my trees, and left at about 2.30pm., this time the journey was slow with heavy taffic congestion. and it took an hour longer than going.

It was an excellent weekend and well worth the trip.