Photo Gallery 2012

Wessex Winter Show 2012



Small Leaf Lime stump recently aquired

Demonstration at Thorngrove Garden Centre Gillingham 15th April 2012

by Geoff.

Trees were Hornbeam, Juniper Euonymus and Ficus.

Wessex Bonsai Show

Magical Bonsai Accents Show

I am having the time of felicity now because I can enjoy a lot of beautiful

satsuki and rose flowers in our garden.  Besides it is very warm, and

sometimes hot.  We have very good season.


And I went to see the flower shows in Kanuma and Tokyo on May 29th to June

1st.  I thought the former was better than the latter because the number of

trees in Kanuma is much larger than in Tokyo and because they were as good

as those in Tokyo.   Though I photographed all trees that were exhibited in

both, some of their photos aren't good.  And I went to Takahashi engei to

see Mr Takahashi who is a president of Japan Satsuki Cooperative and has

been a good friend since 1988.  And I took a lot of photos there, too.

Besides I could take a lot of photos of my satsuki trees which had beautiful

flowers.  And I will be able to do so till the end of June because I don't

come to England this year.


Therefore it takes me a long time to choose and trim the photos and copy the

files in some DVDs, I hope I will be able to bring them to England next



Please enjoy some photos of beautiful satsuki which were taken in Tokyo.


Some more of Mack's pics with information from him.

BVBG Workshop at Thorngrove 17th June

Also display at Shaston Show

Newbury Bonsai Show

Workshop at Mendip Bonsai Studios White Pines and Juniper

Salisbury 25th anniversary Show

Display at Duncliffe Show

Mack san pictures accents

At last autumn has come in Japan. It is very comfortable: the maximum temperature is 28 degrees C, the minimum 18 degrees C in Ise. And I finished spreading the black nets over satsuki bonsai on 23rd and watering all bonsai every evening. Fortunately we haven't been assaulted in Ise by any typhoon since last May though some passed through the distant west islands.


I and Miyoko are enjoying a lot of rose flowers. And we will enjoy the very beautiful red and yellow leaves of trees in two months. Now my spreading of three kinds of agrochemicals is once per 10 days, and I will give satsuki trees fertilisers in the middle of next month.


I finished renewing of my home page yesterday. A free home page of OCN is limited in respect of the capacity, so that I have to build my home page within the limitation. I am afraid the number of photos is limited or my personal computer has some troubles because I cannot insert 12 photos in it however little I may make their size. Therefore it always takes me some days to renew my home page. If I can have more than 10 English readers of my home page, I would like to continue to renew it. Please give me your opinion about it. At the same time give me your impression or suggestion about my home page.


(photos. 001.JOG = Plantain lily, 005.jpg and 007.JPG = Aeginetia indica, 011.JPG = Rose)


with best regards,