Photos 2015

Satsuki Azalea Variety Kaho

A group of  bonsai hunters from Salisbury Bonsai Society went to Lodder's in Holland recently looking for a nice Satsuki.

After many hours of searching and selecting they finally came back with  the tree below.


Having collected the tree from Clive in Salisbury I found that the soils was like concrete. The water just sat on top and took some time to go through.

After some thought I decided that I needed to re pot and located a bag of Kanuma.

The roots were in good condition, I decided to use a different pot. The finished tree is good.

I had received a large number of pictures of trees in Lodders, and on looking through I saw a tree that I though was the one I would like them to buy me. Guess what it was the one they picked.


Pyracantha and Crab Apple.

Pyracantha bought recently at Wessex show from Greenwood Bonsai

Wessex Bonsai Society Annual Show 3rd May

Bristol Bonsai Society Show

Christmas tree decoration competition December 2015

Pictures David and Irene Stubbings