Photos 2018

Noelanders 2018


I was met by Dave at 7.45am., on Friday 3rd of February and we proceeded to the Countess services at Amesbury where we were to meet the rest. After a short break there, we drove on and stopped at the Clackel Lane services. Then on the Folkstone. We wre early, but not able to get on an earlier shuttle so we had coffee and then boarded the train.

35 minutes later we emerged at Calais, but we had been seperated from the rest. We drove on and finally stopped hoping that they would catch us up, but they passed us before we realised and were now quite a way in front.

We eventually caught them at a service area just as it was getting dark close to Brussels.

We arrived at the apartment after a short wrong turn, and went in to get settled.

Nice people and room.

The next morning after breakfast. We discovered that two of us had not printed the tickets, but I was able to find the e mail with the downloads, we arived at the Limburg in Genk and the car park was almost full, and the was a big queue.

We sorted the tickets and went into a huge hall. I wanted to see the sales area so off I went. I bought a bark stripper first. Then I spotted a pot which I thought might suit a tree, I walked on and saw a Prunus mume in a very similar 5 sided pot, so I went back and bought it.

I wandered around the other sales hall as well, then at about 12.30 I went into the theatre for the demos. It was almost empty but I wanted to sit down for a while.

The demos were mind blowing. I sat all after noon watching.

The other guys joined me in the afternoon.

We left there at about 5pm and made our way back to the apartment. Then we decided to go out for something to eat.

After half an hours walk we finally decided on an Italian restraunt.

Next morning were made our way to the Limburg, but this time the car park was almost empty. I wanted to look at a couple of trees so I went there and bought two Juniper sabina.

We met up and spent the next four hours looking at the exhibition trees.

We caught one of the mini lectures on the Bonsai Empire stand, see the picture, and I went into the theatre to see the demos. When we left we decided to buy food for that evening so went to a hypermarket.

I stayed there most of the afternoon, then had another look around the sals areas. We helped John to get his gear into Chris' van, and  then we made our way back.

That evening we had pruned Dave's Acer Kyohime, there was not a lot left after we had finished.

In the morning after packing the car, problem. Ade's car would not start. We managed to push start it but it was not running too well. We had to go, so we went steadily for a while, then the car righted itself.

We made good time to Calais and managed to get an earlier train.

Dave dropped me off at 4.30pm.

It was a fantastic weekend and we are planning next year already.

Now that I know what is there, I can plan what I want better.

I bought a nice Olice as well as the Juniper, and some wire.

We are talking of going to another show in France this time in October.


I have included the pictures that I took on both days of the demos and the exhibition trees. I hope that you enjoy looking through them.


Swindon Bonsai Show 25th February

The morning was very cold and when I left it was still only 0C.

But it was a sunny trip all the way to Swindon.

There was a lot of cars parked everywhere, and I had to park a short way from the hall.

I went into the hall and there was a crowded hall that I entered. I walked around the hall and did not take many pictures at first as it was just too crowded. I spoke to some people I know, and I made my way to the Warminster display.

I looked around the trade stands too meeting people as I went. There as always were a lot of very good trees on display.

I did not spend much money thsi time, and I lft to drive home at about 2pm.

Well worth the trip.

Thorngrove Garden Centre open day 5th May 2018

We had an excellent day with a lot of interest in the display.