Programme 2020


  Date                                               Subject

10th January Subs Due                   Workshop

25th January                                       Thorngrove

             14th February                                       Re potting workshop

22nd February                                     Thorngrove

13th March                                         Workshop

28th March                                         Thorngrove

               17th April                                            Workshop

                24th and 25th April Pottery workshop with Dan Butler

26th April ( change of date )  Sunday      Thorngrove


15th May                                             Workshop

     30th May                                              Thorngrove

7th June   Exmouth Show

12th June                                             Workshop

20th June                                             Thorngrove

27th June show setup

28th June   Show day

10th July                                             Workshop

25th July                                               Thorngrove

26th July Staverton Bonsai Sale cancelled

14th August                                           Workshop

29th August                                            Thorngrove

11th September                                      Workshop

20th September           Auction CANCELLED

26th September                                       Thorngrove

16th October                                           Workshop

18th October Heathrow Show Cancelled

31st October                                            Thorngrove

13th November                                          Workshop

28th November                                          Thorngrove

11th December          AGM and Social evening.