The Staverton Bonsai Group was formed when the North Bradley workshops ceased.

The group meets at 39 Staverton the garden of Tony Oswin

Currently membership is by invitation.

Workshops are twice per month on Sunday and Thursday.
The bonsai tree sale on 30th July 2017 was a huge success and the second was held on on 29th July 2018.

The next sale is on 26th July 2020

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Staverton Bonsai Group Display at Heathrow Bonsai Show 22nd October 2017

Tony Trevor Bob Robin Wilf and Chris went to the show and set up an excellent display.
Wilf picked a a nice Juniper that he thought was £103 it turnd out after he had paid for it to be £215. Never mind Wilf, it is a nice tree.
Robin was buying pots, I am not sure what Trvor bought but I bet he did buy something!
It was a fun day all round and well worth the trip.