tree of month 2017

July saw two entries in the advanced with a tie between Geoff and Trevor.

In the Novice Julia was first with her Mulberry and Helen, Sue, Pat and Dave joint second.

June saw three entries in the advanced with Trev first and Geoff and Ian second.

In the novice there were also three entries with Sue first and Pat second Dave S third.
Apologies for the lack of pictures.

May saw three entries in the advanced with Ian Duff first, Tony Moore second and Geoff Hobson third
Novice class four entries with Dave Stubbings the winner and three in second place.

April Tree of the month

Advanced 3 entries 1st Ian Duff joint second Geoff Hobson and Tony Dixon.
Novice 7 entries and the winner was Barry Hills.

March Tree of the Month saw Ian Duff winner of the advanced with Geoff Hobson second.
In the Novice the winner was Dave Stubbings scond was Helen Lanchbery.


Advanced winner Geoff Hobson with Stewartia, second was Ian Duff with a Juniper third Tony Moore with a Cherry almost in flower.
Novice won by Sue Wareham with a nice semi cascade Juniper. secon Dave Stubbings Elm third was Helen Lanchbery with a Hornbeam.

January saw the first competition of the year.

Advanced winner Ian Duff Second Geoff Hobson Joint third Julian Beesley and Tony Moore

Novice winner Helen Lanchbery Second Dave Stubbins Third Pat Pocock