tree of thE month 2018

The January competition in the Novice had four entries with Irene the winner with her Chinese Elm. There was a tie for the other three.

In the Advanced there was a tie for first between Anthony with his Pine and Tony Moore with his Cedar. Third was Geoff with the White Beech.

It is going to be a close competition this year.

The February competition saw 5 entries in the Advanced with Sue first with a nice beech group second was Grahame with a juniper.

In the Novice just two entries and Pat was first.

March saw two entries in advanced first Tony Moore second Geoff

In the novice four entries with Pat first.


This month was a bumper entry in both advanced and novice.

Five entries in the Advanced with Ian first and Geoff and Ade second with Tony M third.

In the novice four entries with Barry the winner and Pat Helen and Michael joint second.

May saw four entries in advanced and seven in the novice.

Winner of the advanced was Adrian.

Winner of the novice was Pat.

There are two critique sheets this month for advanced and novice

June saw three entries in the advanced with Ian first and Geoff second and Anthony third

In the novice it was a four way tie for first

The July tree of the month in the advanced was a win for Ian Duff with the rest tied. in the novice Barry Hills won with the rest also tied.

August advanced 4 entries with Anthony first and Ade second.

6 entries in the novice Pat first and Barry second.

October was a win in the advanced for Trevor with his Box and for Barry in the Novice with a Ginko. Three entries in advanced and seven in the novice.

The November competition was the last for the year. Three entries in the Advanced Geoff first Tony Moore second and Anthony third.

In the novice there were five entries with Justin coming first with his first entry.

The winners will be announced at the December meeting.