tree of the month 2019

The first Tree of the Month competition is on 18th January.

This year should be as close as last year. The novice class ihas been very close for the last two years.

The tree of the month in both classes had five entries.

In the Advanced first was Ade with a lovely Larch. Scond was Anthony with a nice Pine. In the Novice first was Barry with his White Pine and second was Nick with his Elm.

January novice January advanced

The February results are in advanced first Geoff with an Apricot second Ade with a Pine and third Trev with a Box.

in the novice first Nick with an Elm, second Dave with a Cotoneaster.

Novice Feb19 advanced Feb19

The March competition was a good one.

In the Advanced with five entries Geoff was first with a nice Prunus mume

joint second Ade with a Forsythia and Tony Moore with a Japanese Cherry.

In the Novice with seven entries Pat was first with a nice Maple second was Nick with a Cherry and joint third was Dave Julian and Barry.

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March TOTM Novice March TOTM Advanced

The April Advanced was won by Trev with his Hawthorn and joint second was Geoff  with his White Beech and Ian.with his White Pine. There were five entries.

In the novice five entries with Nick first with his Hornbeam and Pat scond with a Crab Apple in full flower.

novice april 19 advanced april 19

The competition this month had four entries in the advanced with Geoff and Ian tied.

In the novice Dave was first and Barry second.

TOTM May Novice TOTM May advanced

The June advancd was won by Tony Moore second Ian Duff

in the Novice joint first Barry and Michael Parkin

June Novice June advanced

In the Advanced there was a three way tie between Ian Ade and Geoff. In the Novice Barry was first and Pat second.

july19 novice totm July 19 advanced totm

The August Tree of the Month advanced was a tie between Geoff and Tony

In the Novice the clear winner was Barry.

August totm advanced August totm novice

There was no competition in September so the October competition is the penultimate one.

Advanced was first Ian Duff second Tony Moore

Novice first Barry Hills second Sonia.

The Advanced was a joint first Ian Duff and Geoff Hobson

Novice was first Rob Derrick seond joint Pat Pocock and Barry Hills.

november advanced november novice result sheet 2019