The advanced winner was Geoff with Ade second. Intermediate first was Dave Stubbings and novice first was Don Rossi.

January intermediate January advanced January Novice

The February competition saw Don Rossi first in the novice

Rob Derrick was first in the Intermediate with a nice White Pine and Dave Stubbings second.

In the Advanced Bob Burkin was first with a nice Oak and Second was Geoff Hobson with a Scots Pine.

February novice February intermediate February advanced

March advanced first Tony Oswin second joint Geoff Hobson and Ade Taylor

Intermediate First Rob Derrick second joint Barry Hills and Dave Stubbings.

Novice first Mike Bryan

ToTM march Novice ToTM march intermediate ToTM march Advanced

We thought we would have a bit if fun and show the trees we would have entered for April. First three Ade Maple, Pat Chinese Elm, Geoff Stewartia, Tony Moore Crab Apple Nick Field Maple, Rob Larch

Aaron Maple one of our newest members. One from Barry Hills.

Ian Duff Maple, and an accent plant.

Michael Bryan Juniper. One from Don Rossi a nice Maple group

The May Tree of the Month which is the second of the lockdown

series. First added here is Ade's Desojo Maple. Next is Michael Bryan's Maple. Geoff has his Hawthorn in full flower. Pat has her Cork Bark Chinese Elm. Barry Hill's Larch and David Stubbings Hawhorn Ian Duff's lovely Hawthorn. Next Tony Moore's Metasequoia rescued off a bonfire pile. Katie Egan's Chinese Elm.

For June's tree of the month we have entries from lots of members, not all trees that would go on the show table but that does not matter. Trees this month from Geoff, Pat, Julian, Tony, Ian Forbes, Michael and Ade, Ian Duff and Dave Stubbings. And Barry Hills thanks to all.


This is the third month of the virtual table show. Trees from Michael Bryan, Dave Stubbings, Ade Taylor, Rob Derrick, JUlian Beesley, Ian Duff, Pat Pocock and Geoff Hobson.

The August Tree of the month had eight members' trees.

Thanks to Ian Duff, White Beech. Tony Moore Tamarisk. Geoff Hobson White Beech. Pat Pocock Larch. Barry Hills Chinese Elm. Dave Stubbings Rowan, Ade Taylor Scots Pine, and Rob Derrick Juniper. Once again a good selection of trees.

The September tree of the month had eight trees. Thanks to Ade, David, Tony, Michael, Helen, Pat Geoff and Ian for the pictures

November table show had six trees from Pat,Gingko,  Geoff, White Beech, Ian Tony M Redwood, Ade Larch and Don. Maple group.

The December tree of the month had eight trees they included Larch, Hawthorn, White Pine, Juniper, Hazel, Scots Pine, Beech and Silver Birch Thanks to everyone who put a tree in.