work in progress 2020

As we are all restricted to our gardens for the forseable future, we thought that we might have a page to show trees with work in progress. Before and after and in between. If you want advice on what to do ask.

I re potted this Silver Birch as it was in a flat tray and I wanted it in something deeper. I was going to use a better pot but decided that I would grow it on for a year. It had good roots and it had to be done now as buds are moving quickly.


Ade Taylor has sent this picture of his Katsura Maple in full leaf. Looks very nice and would have looked good on the table for tree of the month in April.

Tony Oswin spent a day carving, not sure what the tree is though. The other two pictures are of Ade's "cheap" Scots Pine purchased this year at the Trophy show in Belgium. Before and after work.

flowering trees Ade Taylor

Here are two of my purchases from the Trophy in Belgium. First is a Trident Maple on rock mame. I bought if from Lotus Bonsai. I took the pictures inside because of the weather, but it has been on the windowsill for a few weeks. The reason is that it was coming into leaf and it was cold outside so I have kept it in. The window is south west facing and gets sun, so it is fine. It will go out soon. Pictures are before and after pruning.

Next is this moss ball, it has been difficult to keep watered, but a piece of paper behind it is helping. This will also go out soon.

Here are today's offerings from Tony Oswin Rob Derrick and Geoff Hobson

Two Junipers re potted a Hornbeam re potted and a Pine wired.

Crescent Larch Ade Taylor

Thursday 13th August was the first workshop since March. Five members attended and first task was to put aa tent up which was done just in time to avoid a shower. Nice trees worked on including two Junipers and a cork bark Chinese Elm. It is hoped to have one per week for the next month at least. It was a good day.